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Viper Safe Wall

Style is whatever you make it 

Viper Safe Wall is a “custom” wall of protection that not only protects from falling debris but also protects workers near building edges by serving as a guardrail.  Viper Safe Wall is completely customized to suit any application.  When we say “custom” nets, we mean “custom” nets.  

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Viper Scaffold & Debris Nets

Viper Scaffold Nets can wrap around a building forming a shelter of safety, protection workers, pedestrians walking below and adjacent properties from falling debris.  Viper Scaffold nets help keep work site trash contained, reduces wind and rain penetration while still allowing easy air flow.  Our specialist will design the netting on a case to case basis to determine the safety and emphasize on the structure to determine the wind load capacity.  Any misuse of these nets can result in extreme dangerous conditions.

Viper Debris Nets are lightweight or heavy duty depending on your jobs needs.  Our debris nets can be hung vertically or horizontally.  They are easy to install and are completely reusable.  Many styles and sizes are available from polyethylene or polyester, fire retardant or non-fire retardant.  Viper Debris Nets can be used as pedestrian and traffic protection, trash containment, wind protection, catching small objects and tools.

Viper Scaffold & Debris Nets Product Benefit:

  • Scaffold enclosures
  • Dust & Debris control
  • Jobsite protection/Construction privacy
  • Shade cloth
  • Wind protection
  • Demolition control
  • Temporary Fencing/Walls
  • Worker/Public safety
  • Meets and/or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CFR standards

Our scaffold netting can be used on high-rise construction or restrictive sidewalks, sheds and platforms.  If you are looking for a wall of protection, please visit “Viper Safe Wall” section on this site.

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Viper Perimeter Fall Safe Net

Viper Perimeter Fall Safe Net help to reduce liability, adhere to loss prevention policies, prevent injuries and lifts your workers morale.

Viper Perimeter Fall Safe Net is a complete system for engineering nets around the perimeter of a building under construction.  The Viper Perimeter Fall Safe Nets Can be used for debris protection or personnel fall protection, or BOTH.  Our perimeter net is custom made and

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